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Taiga Premium Pellet

Taiga Premium Pellet is premium quality wood pellets with great combustion characteristics.

Pellets burning for a long time and have high energy content.


Taiga Premium Pellet wood pellets has ENplus A1 Сertificate, which is assigned only for premium quality pellets.

Wood pellets are produced from silver fir.


Pellets should be used for approved and appropriate combustion systems and stoves only.

Technical Specification:

  Calorific value:  ≥4,8 KWh/Kg

  Ash content:     ≤0,4%

  Length:    <40mm

  Diameter:   6mm

  Dust at loading:    <0,1%

Packaging Specification

15 Kg Plastic bags


70 Bags on pallet

Weight: 1050Kg

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